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Generating Momentum In Yourself - Week 1

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On February 5th, 2022, we kicked off our February Radical Action Talking Circle. This month, our topic is "Generating Momentum In Yourself". 

During circle, we are sharing readings from the book The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van der Kolk and engaging in an open discussion. 

This is NOT a book club... this is a talking circle to engage in shared learning and action planning. We welcome everyone in the circle. 

Register for our Maloney Method Study Circle in order to get the Zoom link. You're welcome to join us at 10 for study circle, or jump on at 11:30. 

Our meeting times are listed in Alaska time (+1 PST/+4 EST). 
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Winter 2022 - Cycle 1: Generating Momentum in Yourself
Reading: The Body Keeps Score - Bessel van der Kolk
Week 1 (2/5/22): Facing Your Trauma
Week 2 (2/12/22): The Rediscovery of Trauma
Week 3 (2/19/22): This is Your Brain on Trauma
Week 4 (2/26/22): Paths to Recovery

Guiding Questions for Open Discussion:
1. What are your priorities/values/goals for yourself this coming year?
2. What actions are you taking in service of generating momentum?
3. What habits do you have which get in the way of your goals?
4. What thoughts/urges do you experience when not in alignment?

Watch this week's recording to join in the discussion!

All of our Talking Circles are *LIVESTREAMED* on our Facebook page @CruisingWithBABS and then uploaded to YouTube once edited. 

While we would love to have you join us live, we understand that life is busy, so we are working to make this content accessible to all. 

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