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How Will We Take Action for a Peaceful World in 2022?

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Radical Action Talking Circles (RAT-C)

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More about Maloney Method Study Circle (MMS-C)

Have you been wanting to learn about Precision Teaching & Direct Instruction? Would you like to learn how we can improve learning trajectories for ourselves? Are you interested in getting involved in our efforts to address the every widening gap in Literacy development - particularly for marginalized learners? 

Beginning in 2022, we are partnering with The Maloney Method to offer a bundled version of their 6-part workshop series, complete with lab books, at the discounted rate of $99.95. These workshops and lab books can be completed asynchronously on your own time. BUY NOW

For those of you wanting to deepen your learning, we will be holding our MMS-C every Saturday beginning February 5th through June 4th, 2022. These will be held at 10:00 am Alaska time (11 PST/2 EST). You choose the dates you want to come. Everyone is welcome to join at any time! REGISTER HERE

More about Radical Action Talking Circle (RAT-C)

We are continuing our exploration of the Circle Way model to facilitate deep discussions about difficult topics in the service of supporting our emergence and development as anti-oppression and pro-liberation activists. Each month, February though May 2022, we will be sharing readings and guiding conversations. 

Depending on your comfort level and availability, there are multiple ways you can get involved in RAT-C:
(1) Stay on Zoom following our weekly MMS-C to join in the conversation *LIVE* at 11:30 (register here)
(2) Follow us on Facebook and watch the *LIVESTREAM* of the conversation (@CruisingWithBABS
(3) Watch back the video or listen to the audio a few days after the live event (YouTube or Anchor)
(4) Check out the recaps on our blog following the live event (Action for a Peaceful World Blog)

Please note that this is NOT a book club - you do not have to have read or done anything in order to participate!!

Here's what we will be reading and discussing over the next few months:

February 2022: Generating Momentum Within Yourself

Reading: The Body Keeps Score by Bessel van der Kolk

Guiding Questions: 
(1) What are your priorities & goals for yourself this coming year?
(2) What actions are you taking in service of generating momentum?
(3) What habits do you have which get in the way of your goals?
(4) What thoughts/urges do you experience when not aligned?
March 2022: Empowering Growth With Your Family

Reading: Braiding Sweetgrass by Robin Wall Kimmerer

Guiding Questions:
(1) What are the priorities & goals of your family this coming year?
(2) What actions are you taking in service of empowering growth?
(3) What challenges do your family face which impact progress?
(4) What thoughts/urges do you experience when not progressing?
April 2022: Uplifting Voices Within Your Community

Reading: You're More Powerful Than You Think by Eric Liu

Guiding Questions:
(1) What are the priorities & goals within your community this year?
(2) What actions are you taking to actively uplift marginalized voices?
(3) What barriers do you see which get in the way of your activism?
(4) What thoughts/urges do you experience when not advocating?
May 2022: Inspiring Change In the World

Reading: Mankiller - A Chief and Her People by Wilma Mankiller

Guiding Questions:
(1) What are your ultimate dreams for the future of the world?
(2) What actions are you taking in service of inspiring change?
(3) What hurdles do you foresee which may impact willingness?
(4) What thoughts/urges do you experience when not influencing?

More about PAX Tools Community Workshops (FREE)

As a certified PAX Tools Community Educator, Abby Twyman is honored and privileged to be able to provide PAX Tools Community Workshops for free to any community that submits a request. This training is particularly for any person or organization that serves youth in their communities. CONTACT NOW

These tools were developed by the PAXIS Institute and are derived from the PAX Good Behavior Game (PAX-GBG) which is a classroom- and school-based prevention program to build resilient learners and establish nurturing environments in which youth and adults alike can thrive. LEARN MORE

Stay tuned for an announcement regarding a community based participatory research study being planned in collaboration with Values to Action
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