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Radical Learning Communities

Radical Learning Communities

Radical Learning Communities

By: Abby Twyman   |   November 22, 2021

We are excited to announce our 2022 pivot to Radical Learning Communities!!

Come learn and grow with us beginning in January and extending out through May, as we welcome people from around the world into our Radical Learning Community.

Our three sister organizations, Action for a Peaceful World, Prowess Creative Solutions, and Our Alaskan Oasis are partnering up with Maloney Method and Values to Action to create positive change through learning! Together we will learn what it takes to create a world worth living in and passing on to our children's children. Are you ready to join us and take action?

RSVP to one of our open house events on Friday December 3rd, 2021:
Option 1: 9:00 AM Alaska / 10:00 AM PST / 1:00 PM EST
Option 2: 12:00 PM Alaska / 1:00 PM PST / 4:00 PM EST
Option 3: 3:00 PM Alaska / 4:00 PM PST / 7:00 PM EST

How it works... opportunities to engage with us in 2022:

  • Join our Radical Learning Community (AFAPW)
    • Monthly Membership - $27/month
    • Annual Membership - $270/year
    • Lifetime Membership - $420/person
    • Unlimited access to CEU library
  • Join our Homeschool Collective (Alaskan Oasis)
    • Winter OR Spring: $100 per term
    • Winter AND Spring: $180 for both
    • Receive fun daily challenges and learning opportunities
    • Stay connected to other families and on-going support
    • Access to Family Coaching and Direct Instruction
      • $750 for 10-15 hours of Family Coaching
      • $1500 for 40-60 hours of Direct Instruction
  • Express Interest in Website Development (Prowess Solutions)
    • Sign up for a 1-hour consultation for FREE!
  • Purchase 6-part Workshop Series by the Maloney Method for $99.95
    • Email Abby at for a discount code!
    • Complete the workshop series on your own, AND...
    • Members get special access to our weekly watch parties!
      • Evening, morning and weekend options available
      • Share your learning journey with awesome humans
      • Have fun learning, discussing, and practicing skills
      • Stay connected within our community forum
  • Join Values to Action for $47 Lifetime Membership
    • Participate in V2A Action Circles based on interests, AND...
    • Members get special access to our Radical Action Circles
      • Cycle 1: SELF - Generate Momentum
        (1) Flip the Script - Coyte Cooper
        (2) Raising Free People - Akilah S Richards
        (3) The Nurture Effect - Tony Biglan
      • Cycle 2: FAMILY - Empower Growth
        (1) Your Life Your Way - Linda Hayes
        (2) Braiding Sweetgrass - Robin Wall Kimmerer
        (3) Blind Spots - Kimberly Berens
      • Cycle 3: COMMUNITY - Uplift Voices
        (1) The Happiness Trap - Russ Harris
        (2) Parenting with Love - Glenn Lethem
        (3) You're More Powerful than You Think - Eric Liu
      • Cycle 4: WORLD - Inspire Change
        (1) A Liberated Mind - Steven Hayes
        (2) Crossing Over to Canaan - Gloria Ladson-Billings
        (3) Rebooting Capitalism - Tony Biglan
  • Support Our Mission with a Donation to our Go Fund Me
    • Your contributions will help us expand our reach
    • Our mission is to reach rural communities with...
      • Direct Instruction
      • Precision Teaching
      • PAX Tools
      • Self-Directed Education
    • We're working to raise $13,000 which will help us reach up to 18 families
  • Join one of our Open House events on Friday December 3rd, 2021:
  • Learn more about setting up a free PAX Tools training
    • For your family or community, give us a call at 602-661-9334
  • Find us a time to chat one-on-one... we love to hear from you!

Wishing you all a Peaceful, Productive, Healthy, and Happy (aka PAX) New Year!

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