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Values: Art, Creativity, Expression

Values: Art, Creativity, Expression

Values: Art, Creativity, Expression

By: Abby Twyman   |   October 1, 2019

I’ve spent the better part of my 38 years ignoring the artistic and creative side of myself. When I was little (around 4), I recall putting on performances for my family, but that stopped shortly thereafter. I remember thinking of myself as painfully shy. Whenever I would put myself out there, something dreadfully embarrassing would happen which would stir thoughts of inferiority. Who was I to put myself out there for all the world to see only to mess up and have my failure on full display? No, thank you!

Growing up I was drawn to acting and dancing as well as music and art and performing but didn’t pursue these interests with passion. Rather, I kept my head down and stayed focused on serious matters such as reading, writing, math, and science. These are areas in which I excelled with very minimal effort, and they were also things that required very little human interaction. When work was completed, I would receive accolades for being smart and competent. Yay me!

But something always seemed to be missing. It wasn’t as fulfilling as I thought, hoped, or wished it would be. It didn’t bring meaning or purpose to my life. I worked hard to pursue greater and greater accomplishments, but they always fell short of expectations. I was left feeling empty, dull and uninspired. Once I was able to be completely honest with myself I accepted the thought that music, dancing, performing, creating, writing, and inspiring others through my creative expression was a much stronger motivating force in my life and that in addition to being academically high performing my creative side was equally as amazing.

I spent my life focusing on the development of one side with small spurts of creative expression interspersed. I’m ready to live a life that is in better balance with my full set of values because I now realize how interconnected they are. The more fun, energetic, creative, and freely expressive I am... the better wife, friend, teacher, and human I will be and the more inspiring I will be to others in the world which will help me fulfill my mission to take action for a peaceful world.

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