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Harry Hirsh
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We're smarter/wiser than the dinosaurs were. Aren't we?
Harry Hirsh
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- Don't Stay In School
Harry Hirsh

Harry Hirsh describes himself as an unemployed wage slave and ward of the state who graduated from the Ohio State University with a BA in English in December 2019. He shared that the medical disability state industrial complex branded him with the label "autism" at 10 due to interpersonal communication impairments which were actually coping mechanisms for abuse by his rich brain doctor parents.

Recommended Readings:

Perspectives on Oppression and Liberation:

  • Foundational Methods
  • UBI vs ASI
  • 3 Key Questions
    • Is it scalable?
    • Is it diplomatic?
    • What’s in it for them?
  • Project Proposals
    • People can share excerpts from books they’ve read, so they can share ideas without requiring everyone to read everything.  Such as The Plan - pay particular attention to the grant form
  • What You’re Up Against
  • Problem with Education System
    • The education system is often abusive, focusing on punishment and dehumanization of children, and we’re conditioned to accept that.  
    • We need to support parents and help them understand and shift their own thinking.  Parents are humans, too, but we can’t just ignore problems.  We need to provide them with support and guidance so they don’t feel their role is to control and be an authority figure.  They can instead be the vessel in which the child grows, learns who they are, and defines their own path.  

Tip for Emerging Activists: 

  1. Start Small
  2. Be Diplomatic
  3. Validate the Fears and Values of Others to Build Social Power

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