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LeAsia Leach-Thompson
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How can you show up if you do not fill your own cup?
LeAsia Leach
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LeAsia Leach-Thompson

During the month of March 2021, LeAsia Leach-Thompson, owner of Life Changing Missions, joined us on the Tipsy Unicorn Podcast as an honored guest. She is a life coach and parent coach, and was recently featured on Black Applied Behavior Analysts (BABA) during Black History Month

She describes her self as a passionate, consistent, go-getter who believes it's important to understand what it means to love yourself, that people are capable of healing themselves, that people being themselves unapologetically is the best medicine for the world to heal, and that sometimes people don't even know who they are so that's where she helps them start their journey!

Perspectives on Oppression and Liberation:

  • She grew up in a family that didn’t serve her needs and she was actively oppressed
  • Once she identified unhelpful patterns she began digging deeper and getting more spiritual
  • She shared that being a positive model for her children is her biggest motivator
  • She believes there is power in understanding and forgiveness
  • She hopes people come to understand that our stories do not define us
  • She knows we have the response-ability to shift our behaviors to create change 
  • She noted that the feeling that comes when you are finally get unstuck can be overwhelming. 
  • She encouraged us to just put ourselves out there and take a chance. 
  • She believes that when we break the curses of our society we will spring into the flowered. 
  • She knows it is hard to work to let it go. 
  • But reminded us that when we do, it is followed with an intense release and acceptance. 
  • And that this is when the goodness will roll in. 

Tip for Emerging Activists:

  1. Ask yourself questions and check in with your intentions
  2. Understand why you’re doing what you’re doing and what it means to you
  3. Get more spiritual and realize it’s all about LOVE!

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