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Are you Ready?

Are you Ready?

Are you Ready?

By: Abby Twyman   |   October 18, 2020

Four years ago, in October of 2016, we began finalizing our plans to move to Alaska. We had been living in Arizona since 2009, had established seemingly successful careers, and had created a life that from the outside looked great. Sadly, however, I was never content. There was something stirring just under the surface. Nothing horrible, just a general sense of unrest and discomfort at all times. Nothing was ever good enough. There was always “something”, but I couldn’t clearly define what that actually meant. I just knew things needed to change, but nothing I did ever really had the impact I intended, so I pushed us to make a life-altering move. 

As we were preparing for our move, I started documenting our journey. I got a new journal, and on the cover were the words “In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.” It was very fitting for where we were in our lives. The first entry, dated 10/8/16, was an acrostic poem; which is something I’ve loved doing throughout my life as a creative writer. 


Stressed, strained, and stagnant is no way to live your life. 

Itching to improve and inclined to invest in us. 

Make a move to minimize, manage life, and take time out to enjoy marriage. 

Please stop and ponder the possibilities of ultimate pleasure.

Listen to your heart; are you ready to live life to its fullest, love like your life depends on it, and laugh like nobody's watching?

Imagine the intensity of those emotions!

Family provides the opportunity to embrace fun and we’re fortunate to have the flexibility to say...


The next couple of pages were a description of our vision, which included lists, diagrams, sketches, thoughts, and ideas to guide our actions over the next 10 years. 

This was the beginning of Action for a Peaceful World. The vision we had of our future in Alaska began as oyster farmers and then extended into a homestead that would serve as a wellness center of some sort with a lodge and cabins. While we didn’t know exactly what it would end up looking like, we were extremely hopeful about our future. Even though things haven't turn out exactly as hope, planned, or expected, the adventures we encountered along the way have helped us grow into versions of ourselves that we never would have imagined four years ago. 

It’s interesting to be able to look back on the past four years and reflect upon the direction everything ended up going. While the lives we’re living now are nowhere near what we expected, this version is so much better than we could have imagined. 

At this point in our lives, in October of 2020, there are many stressors impacting our lives. In the past, this would have knocked me off course, and caused me to spin out of control, but for the first time in my life, I can honestly say that I’m not overwhelmed. The other day a PHamily member asked how I was feeling. The first word that came to my lips was “Ready!”


Ten years ago, I experienced a panic attack that led me to seek out a counselor. We had recently made a big move, I was not feeling welcomed or accepted in my new environment, and I was overwhelmed by emotion all the time. Constantly tears would well up, and the only thing that kept them at bay was immersing myself in work. The counselor encouraged me to choose a mantra. Today, the one I chose 10 years ago, finally feels in alignment with my existence. 

I know who I am. 

I am strong and self-assured. 

I am confident and motivated. 

I am happy, vibrant, and full of life. 

I totally love and accept myself.

I’m all I can be. 

At the time, I was so overwhelmed and “in my own head” that I didn’t fully appreciate the gift I had been given. This mantra became a lifeline for me. Something I could pick up when needed to re-ground me and help me remain focused on the here and now. A month ago, having these words deeply embedded in my brain, was what helped me pivot from an old pattern of behavior that would have made things worse, to a new adaptive behavior which is more likely to help. 


Rather than running away yet again from the “something” that was haunting me, I decided to turn toward the dragon and ready myself to do what needs to be done for the betterment of myself, my family, my community, and all ancestors of Mother Earth. While we’re just at the beginning stages of doing what needs to be done, it’s such an exhilarating feeling to know that the work we’re now doing is the best chance we have to positively impact our trajectory. 


Over the past four years, many of us have been preparing to take action. We were not OK with how things were, but we did not know what to do. We have been thinking, talking, learning, unlearning, planning, and preparing for years, and now we have all the tools we need. We are ready to do what needs to be done for the betterment of humanity… are you?

Our goal is to bring together a community of people who are ready to take action to create positive change in their lives. Every Saturday we will come together as a collective to learn, talk about respective change efforts, and get feedback from respected peers engaged in similar actions. The intention of this movement is to catalyze change in the real-world by empowering people to do what needs to be done to create positive change in their lives and communities.  

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